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Posted by Tammy On January - 18 - 2011

Today when I walked my son to his friend’s house I decided to take a walk myself instead of hurrying home.  As I started walking, I was plotting out my path in my head trying to decide which streets to take.  Do I take the short block, the long block or the really long block?  Well, I was feeling good so I decided on the really long block and it was good until…

Well do you ever reach the almost half-way point and you think to yourself, “I’ve come too far to turn back.  I might as well keep going.”  Well I came to that point and kept going but the rest of my walk instead of being filled with fresh air and relaxation, was filled with worry of having to go to the bathroom or having an emergency and not having identification or cell phone on me.  What begin as a leisurely stroll turned into a nervous quest to make it home before disaster strikes.

In times like this I think back to when I was a kid and I would roam the streets around my neighborhood without a cell phone, rape whistle or taser. My only worry was to get home when the street lights came on.  I knew that if I had a problemwalking feet, I could go to almost any house and I would either know them or they would know me and I would be okay.  Now as a grown adult, I hardly know my neighbors I can see from my windows let alone the lady down the street or the family around the corner.  I need to get out more, for exercise and for humanity’s sake.

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