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Posted by Tammy On October - 14 - 2009

McDonaldsEventually I’m going to end up at McDonald’s with my husband and kids. We don’t go too often but it’s nice to go out to eat and then have a few moments to ourselves while the kids play in the playplace. I am a creature of habit so I have gotten the same meal at McDonald’s for probably the last 15 years. I decided to think ahead and see what my options are for choosing a healthier alternative the next time we visit Ronald. I went onto the McDonald’s website and found an abundance of information, where you can build your own menu and the nutrition calculator shows you all of the stats.
In the past I would have eaten:

  • McChicken 470 cal, 27g fat, 3g fibre = ww 11pts
  • Medium fries 360 cal, 17g fat, 4g fibre = ww 8pts
  • Medium Sprite 200 cal, 0g fat, 0g fibre = ww 4pts

Healthier alternatives that appealed to me were:

  • 6 chicken nuggets 310 cal, 21g fat, 1g fibre = ww 8pts
  • Grilled chicken snack wrap 250 cal, 10g fat, 3g fibre = ww 5pts
  • Garden fresh salad 90 cal, 4.5g fat, 4g fibre = ww 1pt
  • Garden salad with grilled chicken 200 cal, 6g fat, 4g fibre = ww 4pts
  • Balsamic vinaigrette 110 cal, 9g fat, 0g fibre = ww 3pts
  • Fruit’n’yogurt parfait 180 cal, 2g fat, 2g fibre = ww 3pts
  • Diet Coke 1 cal, 0g fat, 0g fibre = ww 0pts

Now that I know the stats, I feel a little better prepared but it’s going to take some getting use to eating differently at McDonald’s especially when the family will continue to eat those darn french fries that I love so much.

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