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Posted by Tammy On February - 8 - 2011

stop cancer sign

I was reading an article on Yahoo the other day about simple life changes that could stop cancer and it’s not surprising that the changes are not surprising.  We all know what we need to do to be healthier: eat better, drink less alcohol and exercise more.  Easy to write, easy to think but difficult to consistently do.  You would think that the motivation factor would be huge after reading an article like this.  By making these changes I’m decreasing my chances of getting some forms of cancer by 1/3.  Essentially, theses changes will make me live longer and healthier.  Who wouldn’t want that?  *me putting my hand up*  Who didn’t go for a walk this weekend even though she thought about it on several occasions?  *me sheepishly putting my hand up*  Damn you brain!  Now get your butt moving!

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