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Posted by Tammy On October - 13 - 2009

Cherry CheesecakeLunch at my husband’s grandparents was very nice. There were chips and drinks out before lunch was served and I didn’t have anything. Once lunch was served I had a reasonable amount of all the Thanksgiving fixings that I enjoy and was quiet happy with myself. Dessert is usually a variety of pies that are good but nothing I can’t control myself around. This day was different. An aunt walked by me as I sat in the living room and I did a double take of her plate. Was that? My kids wanted some dessert so I ventured into the kitchen to get small slices of something for them and there it was sitting on the counter. Homemade cherry cheesecake. I got my kids their dessert and told my husband that there was cheesecake in the kitchen hoping for some moral support. Of all desserts on the plant, cheesecake is probably my favorite. I’ve never been able to say no to a cheesecake. Today was no different. Back to the kitchen I marched and asked for some cheesecake and then I sat and savored every bite. Delicious and creamy. I could have, would have, should have asked for a small slice but I didn’t and felt a little guilty for it but I justified it to myself that I had managed yesterday and today’s meals quite well so a piece of cheesecake was no big deal.
The day went on with more snacks available and I did not partake in any of them. When we got home I offered dinner to everyone but no one was hungry except me. What’s with that? Turkey DinnerWithout much thought I went to the fridge, pulled out all of the leftovers from Sunday and made myself another turkey dinner. Having eaten my second huge Thanksgiving meal of the day and third of the weekend, I was feeling disappointed in myself as I sat down after the kids were in bed. Each component of the Thanksgiving weekend is manageable on it’s own but compound the meals and get-togethers and I don’t want to work that hard to use self control. And now what do I do with all of the leftovers that make it so easy to have no self-control?

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