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Posted by Tammy On October - 6 - 2009

Once again I’m beginning the journey of weight loss and hopefully will find happiness along the way as well. I have had weight loss success in the past prior to having children. Back then when I made the decision to lose weight it was like all the forces in my body aligned and I knew that I would do it. Not that I would try but actually I knew I would succeed and reach my goal. After a few days when the initial excitement wore off, I started to see it as a game and I was either going to be a winner or continue being a loser. My brain then switched off and unfortunately, my competitiveness took over and instead of making changes in my lifestyle, I made temporary changes in my behavior that allowed me to be the best at the weight loss game. I lost 75 lbs and reached my goal but had no idea how to maintain, wasn’t exercising and still thought of myself as a loser.

This time around I hope that blogging will help me stay motivated and will track my successes and failures. Instead of this being a game with a winner and loser and a beginning and end, I want to see this as a lifelong career as a Health Manager. I want to explore new ideas, recipes, exercise and then report on my findings. By taking a holistic approach and documenting my journey I hope to transform my life into something healthy both body and spirit.

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