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Posted by Tammy On February - 19 - 2010

I’m a die-hard fan of sport.  Doesn’t matter what the sport is, I can get excited about anything and the Olympics is the pinnacle of all sport.  The Olympics this year is extra special for me because it is being held in Vancouver, Canada.Olympic Vancouver Logo I love Canada.  I love being a Canadian and take any opportunity to praise this great nation I live in.  My kids think I know each Canadian athlete personally because I’m so invested in their performances, yelling and cheering at the TV, calling each of them by name, crying in happiness and agonizing over defeat.  Every night has been an emotional rollercoaster.  My husband, who is not a sports fan, listens to my anguish from his office and worries that I’m going to wake the kids or have a heart attack.

The last few days I’ve been feeling sick so I’ve been on the couch watching the Olympics.  I’m just starting to get an appetite back but watching the Olympics in the evening has been a good distraction to stop from eating snacks in the evening.  After being sick, my stomach is always unsettled for a few days so I am being very careful in my food choices.  I’ve taken this as an opportunity to jump-start some new healthy eating activities.   They include: drinking lots of water and less juice, eating fruit for something sweet instead of other choices and no snacking after dinner.  Canda Flag Heart

I’m feeling much better today.  Proud of my food choices over the last few days.  Proud of all of the Canadian athletes, coaches and volunteers who are doing an amazing job at the Olympics.

Go Canada Go!!!!!

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