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Posted by Tammy On January - 20 - 2011

sick kidWhat do you feed your sick kids?  It’s been days since they have eaten a full meal.  I’m to the point where I’ll make anything that they request.  Mac and Cheese…you got it!  I’m not hungry now.  Oatmeal…you got it!  I’m not hungry anymore.  Turkey sandwich with no crunchy things….you got it!  My tummy hurts now.  That’s all I’ve heard for a week now.

They have managed to eat little bits of orange, apple slices, cheerios and of course juice.  Normally they have juice once a day but when they are sick I let them drink as much watered down juice as they want.  I try to expand on this short list of food but not a cracker or cheese string, soup or chicken nugget has been able to crack their fortress of sickness.

It’s hard to explain to a kid that their body needs good, healthy food to help heal and have energy.  They just want what they want, or in our case they don’t want what I want them to want.

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