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Posted by Tammy On January - 26 - 2011

Serving sizes drive me insane.  Snack product serving sizes especially.  They want their product to seem healthy, heart conscious, low-fat, source of omega-3 or whatever the catch phrase of the day is.  I think more people are taking time to read labels looking for fat content, sodium content etc.  I wonder how many people are looking at the serving size though?

You pick up that box of crackers that looks yummy.  You check out the label…oooh, it’s got whole grains, low in fat etc. etc. and only 100 calories a serving…ahhhh but wait.  A freaking serving is 5 crackers.  Tiny, tiny little squares and all you get is 5.  What a joke.

You’ll find the same sense of humor on packages of cookies, chips, cereal: practically anything in a container in the grocery store.  I’m hungry.  I just want to eat and now they’re wanting me to do math before I snack.  Better to do the math before you eat half a bag of Crispers only to find out your calculator doesn’t have enough numeral places for all the calories you just consumed.Confused Guy

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