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Posted by Tammy On October - 11 - 2009

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving at home with friends. My husband always cooks the turkey and stuffing and I handle everything else except this time, I didn’t make dessert because our friends were bringing it. The turkey was amazing, cooked perfectly and the stuffing was seasoned just right. I also made mashed potatoes, peas, carrots and spinach salad. We skipped the homemade bread this year because we love it, but really don’t need it. My gravy also turned out amazing. I actually took the time to skim off the fat, added some chicken stock and corn starch to thicken and to my amazement, it was perfect. The most remarkable thing was that we managed to co-ordinate everything and get it on the table on time and hot. We all really enjoyed the meal but still left a little room for berries and whipped cream over pound cake.
I had one reasonable serving of everything, even dessert. All were yummy but I didn’t need anymore. Where I normally get in trouble is after the guests leave and the kitchen is cleaned up, I go back and have another serving or two of dessert but this year I didn’t. It’s in the fridge with all the other leftovers and will stay there for us to enjoy another day.
Tomorrow we are off to my husband’s grandparents where I hope to use the same self-control as today. So far I’m loving the food but not over indulging. One Thanksgiving down, and one to go.

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