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Posted by Tammy On February - 3 - 2011

One pan recipes magazineI’m really frustrated lately with what my kids won’t eat.  What used to be go to meals are no longer being eaten.  Most meals are met with turned up noses, sour faces and pleads from Mom and Dad to please eat some of it because you liked it the last time we ate it.  All of it results in a lot of food being thrown out, frazzled parents and two kids who just want to eat “snacks”.  To get inspired, I turned to a new magazine/cookbook that I got for Christmas.  Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication: One-Pan Recipes.  It really is a fabulous and inspiring magazine with easy, yummy recipes.  Well at least my husband and I think so.  I’ve tried 4 recipes and they have all struck-out with the kids.   In theory they all sounded like the kids would love them.  Chicken, noodles, veggies, cheese; what could go wrong?  Well, they didn’t go right by the kids.  I’ll keep trying to find something new that they will like but in the meantime, my husband and I have a lot of leftovers to eat ourselves.

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