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Posted by Tammy On December - 16 - 2009

We’ve decided to give Christmas goodies to our friends and neighbors again this year.  My husband loves the idea because it’s homemade and doesn’t cost much.  Christmas cookiesI on the other hand have to do all the baking with the help of two children who just want to lick the spoon instead of paying attention to how much flour is getting into the bowl instead of the floor.  I’m the one who has to decorate the cookies with two children who think of icing as finger paint and think nothing of putting their tongues directly into the sprinkle bowl.  I’m the one who has to shop for containers and package up cookies and tie them with ribbon and write Christmas cards until my hand cramps.  I’m the one who’s at home every day with hundreds of cookies, squares and pieces of bark and fudge that I’m not suppose to be eating but can’t help myself knowing that they are in the freezer and no one would know if I ate just one or ten because no one else knows how many were made in the first place.  I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas goodies.  Love to eat them, hate what they do to me.

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