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Posted by Tammy On January - 29 - 2012

Reading Yahoo News this morning, I came across an article on How To Be A Millionaire.  It’s something we probably all dream about and like myself, sometimes purchase a Lotto Max ticket.  We pay $5, cross our fingers and hope our dreams come true but in reality most of us will never be millionaires.  But do we really need to be millionaires?  Can we be happy with what we’ve already got?

This past week a friend of mine invited me to hear David Chilton, the author of The Wealthy Barber, speak at the Living Arts Centre.  David has a new book  and he’s making the rounds of public speaking engagements for PC Financial to promote the book and share his advice.  My husband often reads financial literature and when something is particularly interesting, he passes it on to me.  I knew of David Chilton and some of his principles but have not read his book.  I was very excited to hear him speak but a little apprehensive because financial stuff can be dry, boring and way over my head.  After his talk, I have to admit I’m a little smitten with David Chilton.  He is a very attractive, middle aged man, who is funny, charming  and a damn good public speaker.  His ideas about life, happiness and finances are so simple and enlightening that 2 hours went by in a flash and I wanted more.  Thank goodness I received a copy of his new book, The Wealthy Barber Returns, so I can get more.  Although, I’m going to have to wait because my husband started reading the book as soon as I got home.

I liked the last sentence of the Yahoo article I read this morning.

“Although simple living and sound investing will help anyone build more wealth, a special level of success requires a special person who is willing to do more and risk more than most people.”

Most people, including me, are not willing to do more or risk more because of many different reasons but we all can live simply and invest soundly and those principles will help us all build more wealth.  The ideas and strategies that David Chilton talks about in both of his books will inspire and educate you to do just that.

Here’s a video of David Chilton on The Hour a few years ago.

David Chilton on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos

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