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Posted by Tammy On February - 5 - 2011

roasting marshmallowsMy son and husband have gone camping with my son’s troop today.  It’s the first time and he’s very, very excited.  I’m a little nervous.  He’ll be safe, have lots of fun and my husband will be with him the whole time but I can’t help but get a little worried.  My husband is a relaxed, go with the flow kind of parent which is exactly what I need to balance out my over-obsessive worrying mom brain.  My biggest concern is all the junk food my son might eat and then not be able to settle down to go to bed.  He’s been known to come home from meetings hopped up on root beer and Doritos and then doesn’t have a good night sleep which only leads to a day of whining and bad behaviour on both our parts.  My husband would want him to have fun and eat whatever he would want without much thought of consequences other than a ‘whatever happens we’ll deal with it’ attitude.  In reality, most likely he’ll be fine, eat what he wants and sleep like a log while I toss and turn worrying about ‘what ifs’ that never actually happen.  I guess I should be happy that I’m still sleeping in a bed and not on the ground tonight.

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