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Posted by Tammy On October - 20 - 2009

Tootsie RollYou can’t help but be bombarded by the aisles of Halloween candy at any grocery store you go to these days. Luckily I haven’t taken my older son to the store with me in a while because I would have to drag him away from every display. My younger son still rides in the cart so I do my best to avoid the candy so we don’t have to have the disappointment of not getting candy.
I have learned that if there is candy in the house, I will eat it. Out of sight, out of mind works for a while but eventually I’ll follow my temptation and give in. For the last few years I have waited until the day before Halloween to buy any candy hoping that I can make it through one night without opening it. On Halloween I then sit by the door and eat as much candy as I hand out and then stash the wrappers before the kids get home.
It’s not only the candy that is going out of the house that’s a problem, it’s the candy that comes into the house as well. I don’t like my kids eating candy so we usually put it away and then each day they choose one candy to eat for dessert at either lunch or dinner. We end up with a large container that could last months if I let it but instead it just calls to me. I secretly eat candy in hopes that the kids won’t notice a few things missing, strategically selecting things they have doubles or triples of. This year I don’t think that’s going to work because the oldest one is very attuned to details and is very good at counting. It’s sad that I’m thinking about changing my habit because I’m afraid of getting caught by my kids instead of making the decision not to continue that bad behavior because it’s not healthy. I’ve got 10 more days to come up with a plan of how I’m going to deal with candy and so far I’m just distracted by the thoughts of tootsie rolls in my head.

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