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Posted by Tammy On January - 16 - 2011

I’m watching the Golden Globes tonight because I love entertainment news and never pass up the chance to see some fab fashions.  couchI’m loving the show but can’t help but get the urge every commercial to raid the kitchen.  I even brushed my teeth before the show to help motivate me not to snack.  My son is now sleeping on my lap because he has the flu and doesn’t want to sleep without me.  I guess all I need is a 40lb weight in my lap to hold me back.  Although it’s probably because I care more about my son than a handful of marshmallows, or a half-a-dozen cookies.  Why do I care more about someone else than about my own health?  If it were just me on the couch right now, I know there would be an empty bowl or plate full of crumbs beside me.  Thanks for the extra weight tonight, but what am I going to do tomorrow night or the next night?

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