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Posted by Tammy On January - 20 - 2012

I have fond memories of flipping through photo albums seeing pictures of my mom as a kid or my friends when they were babies.  It seems like most pictures are digital these days which means that we have thousands more pictures but we only share the crappy ones we take on our cell phones.

Our family has an online photo album so that we can share photos with our families, sending out updates when we upload a bunch of new pictures.  It works for us but there’s still a detachment from us and our families.  The communication is still one way.  They can see the picture of our son milking a cow but they don’t know the how or why it came to be.  Also, older folks like our grandparents don’t have access to the internet and would appreciate our company rather than just a picture sent in the mail.  So here is our solution.  We have decided to yearly take our digital photos and make photo books.  I have made some in the past for special trips and they have been okay.  I also made a baby book for my brother who was getting married but I was disappointed in the quality and shipping time.  The best on-line place to make photo books that we have found is mypublisher.com.  Once the software is installed, the instructions are really straightforward and the possibilities are endless.  I love the variety of page layouts, colours of covers and ease of use.  The best part is that our first book was delivered in less than a week and I expect the same for the other books we have ordered.  Now we will have memories on our bookshelf that we can pull down and share with our family and friends along with all the stories that go with the photos.

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