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Posted by Tammy On January - 25 - 2011

EatPrayLoveBookI just finished reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and really enjoyed it.  Not surprisingly I love the first section about her time in Italy where she eats and does things just for pleasure.  I was amazed by her bravery and ability to eat anything while traveling.  I confess, I’m a picking eater and especially when I travel.  For fear of upsetting my already delicate digestive system, I prefer to eat bland, familiar food.  Not even a bit of strange new food will cross my lips unless you can give me a complete list of ingredients and a half a dozen people who have already eaten it and insure me that it’s something that I will like.  The author just seems to be able to throw the fear of digestive disruption aside and indulge in any dish that crosses her path.  Pasta, cheese and pastries sounds like the love part of the book to me.

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