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Around 3pm when one kid is napping and the other is occupying himself, I get a moment or two to myself. I surf the net, read a book, watch non-cartoon TV but in the back of my head I’m thinking about food. Lunch seems so long ago because I feel hungry and now I have to think about how far away dinner is and what I should make. Most days I make several trips to the kitchen snacking on whatever[…]

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My biggest problem is eating for every reason other than being hungry. Boredom is a major culprit that sends me looking for something to make me feel better. Keeping my mind active helps keep my boredom in check. I just finished reading Dale Carnegie’s How to Make Friend and Influence People so now I’m on the hunt for something more exciting to read. When I read the Twilight series I practically didn’t eat for 5 days because every idol moment[…]